Schieffer drops out, White (may be but probably is) in for Governor

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Tom Schieffer has dropped out of the Governor’s race, and that Bill White is considering switching over to it. I’ll add in a bunch of links later, but for now let me say two things. One, this is where I thought White belonged from the beginning. He is by far the strongest candidate Democrats would have, with a great resume, the necessary fundraising chops, and crossover appeal. He’s also an executive and not a legislator, and I have always felt that for that reason the Governor’s office was a much better fit for him. And two, he really can win this race against Rick Perry – and let’s face it, that’s who he’ll be running against – whereas I have never been clear on how he – or any Democrat – could prevail in a low-turnout special election runoff. Certainly, his presence in the race puts a scare into the Republicans. We won’t know for sure what will happen till December 4, but I feel a lot better about 2010 now than I did when I woke up this morning.

Anyway. Here’s Martha’s report from Schieffer’s presser, and his statement in support of Bill White. Here’s a statement from the House Dems that had backed Schieffer. I’ll have more later.

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2 Responses to Schieffer drops out, White (may be but probably is) in for Governor

  1. Baby Snooks says:

    What a lovely thought – living in Detroit in California. Sometimes Democrats can’t see the forest for the trees any better than the Republicans can. In this case, they want a mayor and a governor who have left a city sitting on an economic time bomb.

    As for this “percentage point” reflection, who knows what the percentage would have been had it been Perry versus Bell. Might have been 59%.

    Same is true for White in his two reelection runs. No one challenged him apart from the usual cast of characters who pull 1-2% of the vote. So it’s not that surprising that White carried both elections.

    Reality is we have how many registered voters in Houston/Harris County? Most are either too lazy to vote or too disgusted by the time the election rolls around which we will probably see on December 12th. In the context of registered voters who don’t vote, those percentages mean nothing. People turned out in massive numbers to vote for Obama. We need more Obamas. Not “more of the same” as we seem to constantly have in Texas with Democrats and Republicans alike.

    Not everyone is happy with Rick Perry. In the end, well, you go with a sure thing. Texas isn’t having the problems other states are having. That is going to have great bearing on the voters even if things slide a little as they already are.

    The Tea Baggers are coming. Cooked books and Enron-style accounting and the politicians who support their use to make things look good are going to probably find themselves being tossed out of office.

    Where Marie Antoinette Hutchison blew it was this attitude that Main Street didn’t matter. She found out that quite a few Republicans live on Main Street and are not amused with getting hit with at least $12 trillion in debt because of Wall Street. Add the wars and the crumbs offered to Main Street, it is more in the neighborhood of $23 trillion. Let them eat cake indeed.

    What a legacy to leave our children and grandchildren. A monunmental mountain of debt.

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