District A runoff overview

Now that we’re into the runoff season, it looks like the Chron will finally do a bit more in depth coverage of the races that are still unresolved. Yesterday, they ran this overview of District A and the remaining candidates Lane Lewis and Brenda Stardig.

Lewis, 42, a community college instructor and Democrat who lives in Oak Forest, was the runner-up in the seven-candidate Nov. 4 election.

Lewis proposes that the city buy the closed 227-acre Inwood Forest Country Club and turn it into a flood control basin and park. Then, he wants to give businesses tax incentives to locate on the park’s periphery.

“I think we have the opportunity to go into our blighted areas and create opportunities for growth,” Lewis said.

Stardig, 47, a real estate broker and Republican who lives in Shadow Oaks, was the top vote-getter with nearly 32 percent of ballots cast.

Stardig said she has specific flood control projects in mind, but did not want to speak publicly about them out of a fear of hurting property values. Instead, she emphasizes that she already is trying to recruit businesses to the district the same way she sells homes, by selling the virtues of District A.

“This is a huge opportunity, because nowhere else in the city like District A or northwest is there a greater return on investment,” she said.

You can listen to my interview with Lewis here and my interview with Stardig here. There will also be a candidate forum for the two of them, apparently the first such one they’ve both engaged in, this coming Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 7:00 PM. It will be held at Woodview Elementary School in SBISD, 9749 Cedardale, (near the intersection of Bunker Hill and Westview), Houston, Texas 77055. Here’s a map to the location if you need it.

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3 Responses to District A runoff overview

  1. Sandy says:

    The District A Candidate Forum on December 1, 2009 is a set up by Lane Lewis’ campaign. Brenda Stardig never agreed to be at this forum. Lewis’ campaign wants everyone to show up and then show that she is not there. This is a slimey tactic on the part of the Lewis campaign. Please call the Stardig office to confirm this.

  2. Donna Freedman says:

    I think Lane Lewis is the one for our neighborhood. Brenda can’t show up, she shouldn’t get the vote. You want to talk slimey, check who is on the TIRZ Board. You guessed it Brenda Stardig and she rubber stamps anything that will benefit the founder of the TIRZ, Metro-National. The two deserve each other. So be sure and cast your vote for someone who will support the area and that’s Lane.

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