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Me in the Trib

You might have noticed, when you opened your metaphorical copy of the Texas Tribune this morning, that they’re hosting a discussion between myself and David Benzion on the merits of Houston Mayor and (by God we sure hope he’s a) candidate for Governor of Texas Bill White. You can find the discussion, which we’re conducting by email, here. They’re updating that post each time one of us replies to the other. It’s going to go through Thursday, after which White will (please! pretty please!) end the suspense by confirming that he is in fact a candidate for Governor. So check it out, leave a comment, and let me know what you think. My thanks to Evan Smith for the chance to clutter up their homepage.

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One Comment

  1. voting public says:

    I just read through the exchange thus far. This is great. After so much partisan sniping (not by you, but in the general political arena), it’s refreshing to read an exchange between two well informed people with different takes on a situation, discussing the subject (Mayor White), and both making intelligent remarks and no pot shots. It’s thought provoking, constructive dialog. If only that was more prevalent in political discourse among people !