Dunbar not running for re-election


Richmond Republican Cynthia Dunbar will not seek re-election next year to a second term on the State Board of Education, fellow board member David Bradley confirmed Wednesday

Dunbar, whose expansive district includes northern Travis County, wrote in an e-mail that she would provide a written statement on her plans later.

Dunbar has recently been teaching at the the Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Va. That job and the commute has put great demands on her time, Bradley said.

“She will be missed,” Bradley said.

Yeah, like an abscessed tooth. Thankfully, she’ll be going, but as the Trib notes, she’s got a minion waiting in the wings.

[Brian] Russell, who previously endorsed Dunbar and seeks to be her replacement, has nothing but kind words for Dunbar: “I think she’s had a terrific record of achievement on the board. She’s been a problem solver and someone who’s exhibitied a lot of leadership.”

“My advantage is that I haven’t been a lightning rod,” he said.

BOR has more about Russell. Needless to say, the best outcome here is for the seat to be won by Democrat Judy Jennings, who is running unopposed in the primary after Lorenzo Sadun stepped aside. This is a winnable seat, and to take it would help shift the balance of power in the rational/non-crazy direction. TFN Insider has more.

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One Response to Dunbar not running for re-election

  1. mktiv says:

    yes, there is some cause for rejoicing (but only for a minute). her pulling out may deflate some elements who were hyped up just to vote and campaign against her. just because her apointed “minion” hasn’t said over the top ridiculous things in public (yet) there’s not much doubt that his views are as wacked out or more so than hers. so everyone out there… keep up the fight to keep these wackos from meddling in our school system.

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