Runoff results open thread

As tonight is Lights in the Heights, I will be paying attention to things other than election results this evening. Assuming you’re not at an election night party, you can follow results as they are posted here or on the interwebs in various places like Mayoral Musings, Houston Politics, KHOU, and on Twitter via the #houmayor hashtag. As I will be only periodically online this evening, please use this as an open thread to post whatever observations you’ve got. I’ll add in results as I can.

UPDATE: Early results are in:

Parker – 33,945 votes, 50.99%
Locke – 32,623 votes, 49.01%

Gonna be a long night. Ronald Green leads MJ Khan by 53.13-46.87%, Jolanda Jones and Sue Lovell also lead by similar amounts, while Karen Derr has a less than 500 vote lead on Stephen Costello.

UPDATE: 99 of 738 Harris County precincts are in. Adding in Fort Bend early results.

Parker – 40,890
Locke – 38,994

No clue about Montgomery. Slow, slow slow…

UPDATE: 256 of 738 Harris County precincts reporting, Fort Bend all in:

Parker – 53,174
Locke – 50,162

FB turnout in November, 2780. FB turnout in December, 2932. Don’t think that’s gonna do it for Locke, but as yet I’ve no idea which precincts in Harris have reported, so who knows. Still no clue about Montgomery.

UPDATE: 317 of 738 Harris County precincts reporting:

Parker – 57,875
Locke – 54,006

Parker’s election day lead in Harris is 55.75% to 44.25%. Sure wish I knew which precincts were in.

UPDATE: Coming in a bit faster now. 389 precincts in Harris County reporting:

Parker – 62,684
Locke – 57,939

Parker leads Harris County by a 53%-47% margin.

UPDATE: 497 Harris County precincts reporting. Here are all the citywide results so far:

Parker – 71,326
Locke – 64,076

Green – 65,192
Khan – 60,594

Costello – 58,690
Derr – 55,020

Lovell – 60,310
Burks – 50,694

Jones – 61,471
Christie – 58,647

The difference between Andrew Burks and a candidate with a real base of support can be seen in the Fort Bend results. Locke, Green, and Jones all won Fort Bend by 2000+ votes. Burks won it by 1004 votes. Not that it would matter, but I thought it was interesting anyway.

UPDATE: It’s over. All precincts are in, Locke has conceded, Annise Parker has been elected Mayor of Houston. Hot damn! Read her statement here. My congratulations to Team Parker for a job well done, and my thanks to Gene Locke for his service to Houston and his gracious concession speech.

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8 Responses to Runoff results open thread

  1. Anon. says:

    Wouldn’t it just be the best just desserts if Jones won by a greater margin that Lovell?

  2. Michelle says:

    Haaaa Haaaa Local Fox news is leading with Tiger Woods. They are the first on the air but dig down hard.

  3. voting public says:

    Didn’t happen, Anon. Sue Lovell held her seat with about 54% of the vote. Jolanda Jones just barely, barely held hers with 50.6%.

    Houston has a new Mayor, Annise Parker !

  4. Michelle says:

    100% in and the Chron can’t call it for Jo.

    Why is that?

  5. FIREhat says:

    Check the county’s report- their numbers are sharply at odds with the Chronicle’s and they show Christie beat Jolanda Jones.

  6. matt says:

    Congrats to the Parker team, they ran a helluva race. I’m waking up feeling good about Houston tomorrow.

  7. FIREhat says:

    Just realized- it’s the Fort Bend and Montgomery numbers that pushed her over.

  8. merci_me says:

    If you look at, the HC Clerk’s site, there seems to be some change in the Jones/Christie vote, from what was showing an hour ago. Still 100% reporting, but there seems to be some kind of adjustment going on. Looks like it’s probably going to end up in a recount.

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