Wilson will contest being dumped from the ballot

Can’t say I’m surprised. If Dave Wilson had taken getting booted from the ballot lying down, he’d be the first candidate in my memory to have done so.

“I’m almost embarrassed for Gerry Birnberg,” Wilson said. “He’s jumped to a conclusion that I don’t live at 1512 W. 34th St., but, indeed, I do.”


Texas Election Code requires that a candidate’s application for a place on the ballot include his or her residence address. Birnberg said that when he met with Wilson on Thursday, the candidate mentioned that he actually lives in a home on Lake Lane. Property tax records list the owner as Connie J. Wilson.

Wilson said he is separated from his wife and lives in an apartment at his business address. Wilson’s voter registration lists his address on W. 34th.

Wilson said he will ask Birnberg to reverse his decision, and if Birnberg does not, he will contest it in court.

Birnberg insisted that election law gives him no discretion to make a judgment call. The language of the statute states that if the application does not meet requirements, the party must reject it. Had Wilson filed with a day or two to spare, Birnberg said, the party may have caught the error with time for Wilson to correct it before the deadline.

“It’s his decision to file at the last minute that’s the (cause) of the problem,” Birnberg said.

I never can tell how these things are going to go once they get to a courtroom, so I’m just going to sit back and wait to see what happens. As always, if you have any expertise in these matters, or if you just feel like taking a guess, please do speculate in the comments.

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2 Responses to Wilson will contest being dumped from the ballot

  1. John Fox says:

    I follow but chose in the past not to participate activly in county politics except to vote. I know enough about Wilson to know he is conservative, honest and and has a brass set! Why doesn’t someone else in either party stand up and do what he is doing or shut up and let the public decide. I never would have before but I will seek Mr. Wilson out and get myself and all the conservatives I know and it is many, to support him. I will bet the churches in pricinct 4 can get him elected. That is where my strength is and where I will put in 7 days a week for Mr. Wilson! Let’s see if the cout is corrupt when they make their rulling about his application.

    The pricinct is corrupt! Why are both parties trying to get him out???? SOunds like the very reason to get him in.

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