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A more worldly World Series

This sounds cool.

US Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has proposed to launch a “global World Series” between US and Japanese champion clubs, press reports said Friday.

Selig’s Japanese counterpart, Nippon Professional Baseball commissioner Ryozo Kato, told Japanese media on Thursday the proposal was made when they met in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

“Mr Selig has expressed his enthusiasm to realise (the series) while he is in office,” Kato was quoted as saying in the daily Sankei Shimbun’s Internet edition. “He emphasised that the real World Series will be important not only for Japan and the United States but also for the world.”

Selig, who is due to retire in 2012, “said he was not floating the idea as a dream but he wanted to deal with it as a real issue”, the Nikkan Sports daily quoted Kato as saying.

I don’t know how this would work – certainly there would be logistical issues if you wanted this to be a best-of-seven series with games played in each team’s stadium – but I like the idea and hope all involved can make it work. And maybe someday, get other countries’ league champs to play as well.

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