Is the GOP gubernatorial primary headed for a runoff?

The Trib and Texas Politics both report on that Rasmussen poll, which in addition to giving us our first relevant general election result also shows Debra Medina climbing into double digits, with both Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison under 50% in the GOP primary for Governor. Separately, Burka writes about a different poll that showed similar numbers; he also commented on the Rasmussen result. I’ve said before that I doubt Medina will top 5%, and I still stand by that. She has no money to maintain the positive response she apparently got from the debate. It’s still the case that the Ron Paul crowd, for all the noise they generate and attention they get, aren’t that numerous, as seen by his showing in the 2008 Presidential primary in Texas. I certainly could be wrong and I’ll gladly admit it if it turns out that I am, but my tendency is always to bet the under on candidates like her. If I’m right, the odds of a runoff are slim. We’ll see how the next debate goes, as Medina will be allowed to participate, but I remain skeptical. BOR has more.

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2 Responses to Is the GOP gubernatorial primary headed for a runoff?

  1. Dennis says:

    Down here in Ron Paul’s district, it’s hard to agree that his supporters aren’t all that numerous. GOP voters keep electing him to office every two years and the Democrats rarely run an opposition candidate. He and Medina appeal to the anger and alienation of voters. That alienation is hugely magnified by what seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding of how their own government works (too many ninth grade government classes skipped) and a reliance on outlandish conspiracy theories, fueled by right wing talk radio.

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