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Endorsement watch: Statesman for KBH

The first gubernatorial endorsement of the primary season form the major dailies comes from the Statesman, which recommends a vote for KBH over Rick Perry.

Perry beats up on Washington to beat up on the senator. Washington is not an enemy of Texas and could — should — be more of a partner in resolving social, educational and environmental challenges. Grown-ups know that.

Hutchison isn’t perfect, but she’s effective, knows how to work with Democrats and doesn’t just complain about Washington. She’s learned to work effectively for Texans there.

She’s the best choice in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

It’s not at all clear that the voters in that race want or value a grownup for their candidate. Nor is it really clear that KBH still qualifies as one as she’s tried to out-pander Perry with the GOP base. I suppose she’s marginally better than Perry, for whatever that’s worth. And I suppose that’ll be enough for her to get the lion’s share of the endorsements at this stage of the game. We’ll see whether or not it matters.

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