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How you can tell when someone isn’t serious about making budget cuts

An inability to prioritize is a pretty strong indicator.

The $135 million budget cut proposal from the Texas Education Agency includes one item that will probably not please Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

The agency suggests eliminating the $1 million needed to test high school athletes for steroids next year.

Dewhurst had championed the 2007 bill that created the testing program at a cost of $6 million over two years. The program produced 11 positive tests from a pool of 29,000 student-athletes tested in that time.


Among TEA’s other suggested cuts are a number of reductions to the Texas High School Initiative, which is an effort to help low-performing high schools; grants for new science labs; and textbooks.

Which of the aforementioned items sounds to you like the best place to spend a million bucks in this economy? It’s been clear to me for awhile that this is a poor use of the state’s money. I don’t know why David Dewhurst is incapable of recognizing that.

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  1. […] that money on a non-problem. That’s obvious to most people, but sadly not to deficit poseur David Dewhurst. If he gets his way again and saves it for another session, be sure to ask yourself what it was […]