Chavez-Thompson on the air

Nice to see someone who isn’t a candidate for Governor on the air:

That’s a bit on the dry side for someone as fiery as Linda Chavez-Thompson, but it is her introduction to a lot of voters, so that’s not surprising. According to the Trib, the ad will be appearing in “selected Texas TV markets”, starting this past Friday. I’m just excited to see this kind of activity. According to her 8 days out report, LCT raised $175K over the three week period, which is not too shabby given how late she got into the game. Her full report shows $100K in “media buys”. I don’t know how much airtime that actually translates to – obviously, that depends to a large extent on the market she bought in – but it at least means this ad will get some viewing. What do you think about it?

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One Response to Chavez-Thompson on the air

  1. meanrachel says:

    I love it. I love the colors and I think it captures her spirit quite well!

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