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Liveblogging the SBOE social studies hearings

No, not me. I’m not there, and besides, I’m no good at liveblogging. Here’s all the coverage you could need, from people who actually are good at this.

First and foremost, the indispensable Texas Freedom Network.

Stephen Schafersman, blogging for the Texas Observer.

Dave Mann, also with the Observer.

Brian Thevenot, writing for the Trib.

Eileen Smith, who’s more of a color commentator than play-by-play person, which for this kind of hearing makes her even more important.

Kate Alexander with the Statesman, and Gary Scharrer with the Houston Chronicle.

And finally, quote of the day goes to State Rep. Mike Villarreal:

I hope the SBOE does the right thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they show up on one of the Comedy Central Shows this week.

I certainly wouldn’t bet against it. From what I’ve seen, it looks like this may go late tonight, so I’ll add more links later. Happy reading!

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