Early voting for runoffs begins Monday

From the Inbox:

Houston, TX, – Early voting by personal appearance for the April 13, 2010 Democratic and Republican Primary Runoff Elections begins Monday, April 5th. The Primary Runoff Elections will decide 15 contests in which a candidate did not receive a majority of the votes on March 2nd. Early Voting will continue until April 9th.

“Persons who did not vote in the March 2nd Primary Elections are free to vote in either of the Primary Runoff Elections but not both,” informed Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman, the chief elections officer of the County. However, Clerk Kaufman cautioned that individuals who voted in one of the March 2nd Primary Elections may only participate in the Primary Runoff Election of the party in which they voted.

Thirty-seven early voting locations will be available to Harris County’s registered voters from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. for the duration of the early voting period. All voters participating in the Republican Primary or Democratic Primary Runoff elections will see a minimum of 4 contests on their ballot.

A report of the total number of persons processed for voting at each early voting site during the early voting period and the mail ballot requests processed will be posted on a daily basis on the County Clerk’s election page, www.harrisvotes.com, after the polls close beginning April 5th.

The same early voting locations as for the March primary will be in operation. A map with locations and hours is here. You can be sure that there will be no lines whenever and wherever you go.

For the record, I have endorsed Tanner Garth in the 234th and Lee Arellano in the 270th. They called me to ask for my endorsement – I’m a precinct chair – and I was planning to vote for them anyway, so I gave it to them. They’ve both since sent out email listing me as one of their supporters, so I wanted to mention it here as well.

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