Weekend link dump for April 11

Ah, baseball. Have I mentioned how much the start of the new season makes me happy?

Speaking of which, some guys deserved more consideration for the Hall of Fame. Not enshrinement necessarily, but more consideration.

Lilith Un-Fair.

Whatever it is, he’s agin it.

iScrabble. I remember when my grandmother got the Deluxe version, with the slots on the board for the tiles and the lazy susan mechanism that meant no one had to play at a 90 degree angle or upside down. That was so cool.

Downtown living in San Antonio. I’m pretty confident there wasn’t much of that when I was a student there.

From the “My America is realer than your America” files.

If we applied the same standards for hiring a plumber that some folks want to apply for hiring a Senator, we’d have a lot more backed up toilets.

I am blissfully ignorant of these ten terrible cover songs, and I intend to keep it that way.

It’s come to this: Karl Rove is begging Republicans to fill out their Census forms.

I know that only Democrats are required to exit the public stage when caught in a sex scandal, but if Sen. Ensign actually gets indicted for a felony relating to his, will any of his partymates call on him to step down?

Fiscal phoniness.

I always assumed the Austin Lounge Lizards song “Maverick” was about John McCain.

Sleep tight. Don’t let the night squirrels bite.

To all pollicle dogs and jellicle cats. Clicking that link will be time better spent than seeing “Cats”, says he who has done so.

If he loses this lawsuit he has to pay her attorney fees, and go straight to his room without any supper.

How many times should you pay an author for a book?

Epistemic closure.

Nobody packs more misinformation per word than Newt Gingrich.

Illegal marijuana is “the government’s best agricultural price-support program ever”.

Take it to the limit. Makes me nostalgic for those heady days of delta/epsilon proofs.

“You have a whole ideological movement that, to a substantial degree, relies upon the pseudo-expertise of cranks and hacks.”

Used to be that the way you knew you’d really made it in this world was by being used as a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle. Now it’s by being fake-quoted in The Onion. Congrats, Ezra!

Atheist Barbie.

RIP, Meinhard Raabe, the last surviving Munchkin from “The Wizard of Oz”.

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2 Responses to Weekend link dump for April 11

  1. Shelley says:

    I like the new rubric for renown. Now if I’m ever fake-quoted in the Onion, I can die happy.

  2. Greg Wythe says:

    I remember trying to explain to my parents why Conway Twitty’s cover of “The Rose” was the worst thing any human ears have ever heard. Their rebuttal was that the *song* was good. My point about Twitty was butchering a very good song did not go over very well.

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