More on city term limits

Here’s the Chron story about the 2010 term limits survey and recommendations by the Term Limits Commission. Of interest is what the immediate prospects are for action by City Council.

[Dr. Robert] Stein, a commission member who has polled voters on the question of term limits, said at Tuesday’s meeting that he did not believe [Mayor Annise] Parker or council members want to put any changes to term limits on the ballot this year.

Other potential ballot propositions, as well as an unpredictable anti-incumbent electoral environment in November, make passage of any changes unlikely, he said.

“It’s simply a practical political problem,” Stein said.

Parker said she has not closely monitored the commission’s activities, although she is awaiting its recommendation before making up her mind.

“This commission was created under the previous administration,” the mayor said. “I am not a supporter of term limits, I have never been a supporter of term limits and would like to see term limits at least modified or overturned. But I wait to hear what the commission has to say as to whether council should submit it to the voters. I’m not driving this one way or the other.”

That’s about what I expect. There’s no requirement that any action be taken this November. Frankly, having it as a May election, when there would be nothing else on the local ballot, might be the most sensible course, as it would allow for the least distraction. We’ll see what happens when the Commission finishes up its work and presents its report.

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