Rusty Yates has a new son

Noted for the record.

Rusty Yates, the father of five slain children, has a son with his new wife.

Yates on Sunday told KHOU television in Houston that his wife, Laura, recently gave birth to a “healthy boy.” Further details were not immediately available.

The couple wed in March 2006.

Rusty Yates divorced Andrea Yates in March 2005.


Defense attorney George Parnham told KTRK-TV that Andrea Yates is aware of her ex-husband’s new child, “is at peace with the issue” and her position is that life goes on.

According to a story from March 2006, Laura Yates had two children previously. My feelings about Rusty Yates can be summed up as “complicated”, but I offer my congratulations to him and his family, and wish them all well with their new baby.

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