Furse is in for SD17

I have been forwarded an email announcing that Austen Furse, described as a “candidate for SD17”, will be speaking Wednesday at the R Club downtown. (Actually, it said he was a candidate for SD7, but one presumes that was a typo. Though his candidacy would be much more interesting to me if not.) That appears to make this official. Note the brief bio of Furse in the comments to that post, as provided by Kenneth. If Gary Polland is also in, this will be a race to watch regardless of who else runs.

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One Response to Furse is in for SD17

  1. Burt Levine says:

    Please don’t leave out Sate Reps Charlie Howard and Scott Hochberg who by election law will not have to give up their current seats to run if the gov calls the race for July.

    If the guv calls the race for November than Howard and Hochberg will have to decide which race they want because state law prevents their names from being on two races in two places on the same ballot at same time.

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