Big media me

I have often said that I have a face for radio and a voice for blogging. Tonight you will have the chance to judge that for yourself, as I make my debut appearance on The Connection: Red, White, and Blue. It airs tonight at 8 PM and tomorrow at 5 PM on KUHT channel 8 in Houston. We had a discussion of the recent primary results and other matters political, with David Jones, Gary Polland (who for some reason reminded me of Ryan Chappelle from 24), and Edd Hendee of KSEV. As an extra special bonus, you get to see what I look like in a jacket and tie. What more could you want? So set your TiVos and check it out.

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6 Responses to Big media me

  1. Greg Wythe says:

    Jacket & tie? Dude, real bloggers conduct their business in pajamas!

  2. Ron in Houston says:

    Hey, if Polland can be on TV, then anybody can.

  3. As long as you’re not wearing shorts. 😉

  4. PBS Watcher says:

    You did OK. You could do better. You got burned on the matter of religion. I agree that when Obama is tied to Wright, it is time to bring up McCain endorser Hagee. Let the public know what McCain endorser Hagee believes and says. Call him McCain endorser Hagee everytime.


    Radio schmuck: …and his children were baptized by this man…

    You: And McCain endorser Hagee says that our Catholic Texans are part of the evil great whore.

    Radio schmuck: …and he sat in the pew for decades…

    You: Are you also denouncing all of the people that attend McCain endorser Hagee’s Church?

    All in all, I enjoyed the program. You showed great courage and I appreciate your efforts.

  5. Carl Whitmarsh says:

    I thought you did great and you played dress up real nice.

    Seriously, if you accomplished nothing else (and you did much more) you exposed what a bully and intimidator and total nutcase Edd Hendee is. Me thinks he needs to stay and grill his steaks for folk rather than expose them to his poisonous opinions.

    Good show

  6. My husband and I really enjoyed your comments on the show last night. You could have fooled me that was your first time.

    You seemed to know your facts AND you delivered the info with humor…a great combination.

    Enjoy your blog, too.

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