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Council redistricting news

Campos had an interesting tidbit from the other day.

The H-Town City Council [Wednesday] morning started discussing next year’s redistricting process. Instead of creating a city council committee on redistricting, the H-Town Mayor mentioned that she will probably let the process run through the Ethics and Council Governance Committee – currently chaired by CM Mike Sullivan, a GOPer – interesting. At this morning’s meeting, CM Sullivan embraced the process and let his colleagues know that he would be fair. I guess it’s a done deal. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with CM Sullivan on this. We can work with the fella on redistricting if you ask me. Stay tuned!

The Ethics and Council Governance Committee normally considers “Regulations adopted in the Code of Ordinances Chapter 18, including regulations for the registration of lobbyists, and matters related to the Council Rules as adopted in Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances.” Its members are CMs Clutterbuck, Lovell, Rodriguez, Noriega, Pennington, and Costello. None of the other committees conduct business that could be considered related to redistricting, so if you’re going to use an existing committee for that purpose, this would be the one. I have no reason to believe this committee would do anything but a competent job. For sure, I expect all of the interested parties in this process to get the chance to be heard. We’ll see how it goes.

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