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Weekend link dump for July 11

Why would you need a USB coffee cup warmer anyway?

If the Fail Whale is your inspiration, you’re doing it wrong.

You tell ’em, Kal.

Um, congratulations, I guess.

The Republicans have no ideas. I know, there’s nothing new or unusual about this.

The real “Climategate” scandal.

How do you say “L’chiem” in Japanese?

Free Kobi!

Yeah, I kinda miss The Boss, too. No, I’m not talking about this Boss.

I’m a soda drinker, and I support a soda tax.

With the right people on the SBOE, there would be hope.

Wrong decision, Governor Lingle.

George Will is still a dishonest hack.

Rick Perry isn’t the only chicken Republican running for re-election this year.

What kind of BlackBerry befits a Queen? (Here’s a more official, less snarky view of that.)

More ways in which the GOP makes things worse for us all.

Wi-Fi wants to be free. Or at least, less expensive.

Ben Sargent is worth a thousand words.

It’s a sandwich – IN A CAN. And here’s the perfect side dish to go with it.

I’m sorry, but requiring sales taxes on Internet purchases is long overdue. The initial argument that the Internet needed to be sales tax-free to enable online businesses to compete fairly with brick and mortar stores is basically flipped 180 degrees at this point.

The nerd bible for my generation.

I think my main regret in life right now is that I will not be having a son that I can name Boaz Hawkins. Or maybe Seaver Crockett. It’s a tough choice.

We should use ships for shipping more often.

Perrybunkport. Bwa ha ha!

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    My take on Governor Lingle’s civil union veto decision.