Pflugerville solar farm

This sounds promising.

A startup solar energy company with corporate backing from India has won tax breaks from the City of Pflugerville and is near a similar agreement with the Elgin school district to build a 60-megawatt solar plant.

The plant would be large enough to provide electricity to all the homes in Pflugerville and, if it were built today, would be the largest in the United States.

RRE Austin Solar could break ground by the end of the summer on the $230 million plant on 600 or so acres of rural land about a dozen miles east of Pflugerville.


The two Indian companies want to do strictly solar farms in the United States, [Angelos Angelou, an Austin-based consultant on the project] said, with a goal of installing enough solar farms across the country in coming years to generate 600 megawatts at any given time, assuming favorable weather conditions.

Nationwide, the installed solar photovoltaic capacity in the United States is roughly 90 megawatts, according to the federal Energy Information Administration.

There’s a tax break that the startup is seeking from Travis County before it begins construction, which I figure it will probably get. What interested me in this story is that no one was quoted opposing the project. I hope it doesn’t have the same problems that the Marfa solar farm has.

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  2. Jeremy Zahirniak says:

    I understand the Pville Pharm 🙂 will be PV solar. I personally would prefer the Sun Catcher option Tessara is putting up in Marfa. I dont live near the area its going in so its not a NIMBY thing to me but all the same, there is not a lot out there. If I am picturing the plot of land this will occupy correctly there is not much out there to disturb other than perhaps some livestock…but I have not actually seen the property.

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