More K-Mart suits dismissed

This story needs a wee bit more detail.

Several civil rights lawsuits from a 2002 botched street racing raid were dismissed Friday in Houston federal court.

The resolution comes days after the more than 100 plaintiffs in the remaining 10 cases settled their lawsuits with the city of Houston.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Atlas issued an order Friday dismissing the combined cases unless the settlements aren’t resolved by July 18.

Okay, so is this saying that these dismissals are all part of the settlement agreements, or that there are some cases which aren’t a part of that which have now been tossed? I believe it’s the former, but it could have been made a lot clearer.

Three plaintiffs who had not come to agreements with the city or had not been located earlier this week have been reached and also settled.

Well, that answers that question. Barring a collapse in the settlement negotiations, it looks like July 18 is the end of the line for this saga.

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2 Responses to More K-Mart suits dismissed

  1. Hi

    Speaking of civil rights lawsuits, I’m asking for help in covering my dispute with the Clear Creek Independent School District.

    My fight with the tyrants starts here:

  2. Antinome says:

    Its funny how such a short article could have failed to convey the basic substance of what happened. All that happened was that the parties notified the court that the case was settled and the the court issued a standard form order conditionally dismissing the case pending the parties finalizing their actual releases, funding the sellement and filing a motion to dismiss with prejudice. The order says (I believe I took this form one of the right cases):

    Having been advised that the parties have settled their dispute, the Court dismisses this case without prejudice to reinstatement of Plaintiffs’ claims, if any party represents to the Court on or before July 18, 2008 that the settlement could not be completely documented.
    SIGNED at Houston, Texas, this 18th day of April, 2008.”

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