A message from Diana Maldonado to TexBlog PAC

Diana Maldonado, the first endorsed candidate of TexBlog PAC, sent us the following email:

Dear Texas BlogPAC and Friends,

I want to thank you and your donors for your generous contribution to my campaign. We will use your contribution to communicate our message of balanced, progressive leadership to the voters of Williamson County.

I also want to thank you for a great party at Scholz’s! The good news about getting Texas back on track is that so many different people are prepared to pitch in their resources, time, and in the case of your party…their singing voices!

House District 52 covers most of Williamson County including far north Austin, Round Rock, a bit of Georgetown, and all of Taylor and Hutto. The eastern side of the district is home to some of the most productive farmland in all of Texas. To the west, high tech workers and busy commuters have settled in the district because of affordable housing and excellent schools. We must honor and protect our rural roots as we plan for and manage the growth of urban areas.

Just like you, I am prepared to do much more than merely complain about the failures of past leadership. I will advocate for affordable tuition, consumer protection for homeowners, state support for public education, and increased access to healthcare for all Texans. I will fight against toll roads, the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), and road projects that do not serve the people of my district.

As a former president of the RRISD Board of Trustees, I have worked to put the interests of our kids first. I have worked with my fellow citizens and board members to fully fund classrooms while respecting the pocketbooks of local taxpayers.

I am ready for to fight this battle. As the next legislator from Williamson County, I will build upon my track record of success to provide fair and honest leadership to my district and all Texans.


Diana Maldonado

Candidate HD52

I’m proud to be a part of this. We will be announcing more candidates that we support soon. With your help, we will put together a great slate of contenders to take back the Texas House.

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