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Weekend link dump for August 29

Try to remember a kind of September…

It’s not violating your First Amendment rights if someone tells you to STFU.

Boy, if you can’t trust the World Bikini Sports League, whom can you trust?

Oh, Staten Island, why must you be such an embarrassment?

Now, that’s how you dress for the beach.

Some things are so stupid I can’t even make a snarky comment about them for the link text.

And sometimes, some things are so depressing that snark fails me as well.

Enjoy your retirement, Sweet Lou. And don’t feel like you have to mellow out if you don’t want to.

Where we went wrong with computer security.

Unlike some bloggers, I am not for sale.

What does your WiFi network name say about you?

OK, traffic here isn’t that bad.

I’m not a big Jerome Solomon fan, but when he’s right, he’s right.

No dissenters, please.

Here’s another great argument for letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

Sue, Shirley, sue!

For people who claim to love the Constitution, they sure want to change it a lot.

Windows 95 plus 15. Start me up!

Does Morgan Spurlock know about this?

Where your stimulus dollars went.

Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman comes out, to no one’s surprise but not everyone’s acclaim.

What a real fortune cookie would be like.

I for one will welcome our new nanobot overlords.

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