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Angelika Theater closes


“After 13 years of continued service to the Houston community, the Angelika’s lease has been terminated by the Angelika’s landlord….”

No word yet as to whether the Angelika, one of a global group of affiliated theaters, will reopen outside of the Bayou Place location downtown.

As one commenter said, “Houston, a city of 5+ million, only has 1 independent/alternative theater now?” That’s just wrong. Hey, if the Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t move into the Alabama Theater, maybe the Angelika can. Can’t hurt to ask about it, that’s all I know. CultureMap has more.

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  1. JM says:

    That sucks. I always loved riding the light rail downtown and going to see a movie (especially cheap date night), and I always hate driving to the Greenway theater and parking in that massive garage and paying extra.

  2. Gary says:

    Yes, this is very disappointing. I love the culture this town has developed and hope to see more. I did see some great movies first at the Greenway – Wizards, Mad Max, Ran and others to name a few. ‘Moon’ never would have shown if not for the Angelika.

    Let’s all hope it ends up finding another location, maybe in the Montrose similar area.

  3. […] Chron notes that the relationship between the Angelika Theater and its landlord had deteriorated considerably. Angelika’s landlord, Bayou Place Limited […]

  4. […] the target date for Sundance to open is November 1, a year and two months after the Agelika closed its doors. I have no idea how the “reserved seating” thing is gonna work. Prime Property, […]