Endorsement watch: No go for Double Dip Joe

The editorial board of the Dallas Morning News has its standards.

State Rep. Joe Driver’s double-dipping on travel reimbursements is such a lapse in ethics and judgment that it’s impossible to recommend him for re-election from Garland-based House District 113.


His leadership on some issues can’t overcome his ethics deficiencies. He doesn’t recognize that North Texas has an air-quality problem, and he has no viable solutions to highway funding.

By default, our recommendation goes to Democrat Jamie Dorris, 32, a human-resources professional from Sachse. Making her first run, Dorris lacks the preparation we ordinarily expect. Her instincts seem right on environmental and transit issues and the need for bi-partisan solutions. She would have to make good her pledge to work hard and overcome a huge learning curve.

Not the most ringing endorsement for someone you’ll ever see, but quite a clear case against Driver. This is one of the races that Democrats will need to win to have a chance at retaking the State House. See here for more on Driver, and here for more about Jamie Dorris.

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3 Responses to Endorsement watch: No go for Double Dip Joe

  1. el_longhorn says:

    Don’t think taking the House is even possible this cycle, but this is one of the races they have to win to keep it close. If the Dems lose just 3 seats, I will be happy.

  2. Perez says:

    Double-Dipping is not Joe’s only “lapse” of ethics while serving the good taxpayers…Here is a clip of him getting caught red-handed making several “unauthorized votes” while representing his constituents and apparently other lawmakers constituents as well! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfhO38CPlAI According to Joe later when confronted about this “lapse of ethics” he replied to a Garland Newspaper and to a private citizen who was contacting him to ask about this issue “Well, that’s what everyone else does!”

    Aren’t we tired of rewarding and voting back in those that keep bending the law for their personal gain? We say Washington is broken, but looks like Main Street Garland is growing the corruption…and all in the name of seats! That makes mud standards look pretty clean!

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