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Texas blog roundup for the week of June 9

Still woozy from the Bloggers Caucus? Well, there’s nothing like a little hair of the blog to cure what ails you. Click on to read the Texas Progressive Alliance roundup for the week.

BossKitty at BlueBloggin tell us about the Government Accountability Office’s (GOA) revealing report to Congress on how tax preparers work in cooperation with banks to advance refunds which can greatly reduce your tax refund check in Refund Anticipation Loans, Rapid Refunds, Sleazy Tax Preparers

The live-blog of the contest for the state chair of the Texas Democratic Party was done by PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Off the Kuff conducted an interview with the Communications Director of the American Wind Energy Association on the state of wind energy in Texas and America today.

Kit of WhosPlayin thinks much of mainstream media coverage of late – especially with regard to the Democratic nomination is meant to distract us from the more important issues like Iraq, health care costs, and the mortgage market melt down.

Texas Kaos has extensive liveblogging and video from the Texas State Democratic Convention this weekend. Highlights include Chelsea Clinton’s Two Messages for Texas Democrats, Sam Houston Makes The Case for Caring About the Judicial Races, and Senator Mario Gallegos Addressing the State Convention a little more than a year after he and the Texas Senate Dem Caucus held off David Dewhirst’s grab for your voting rights.

McBlogger’s Lovelie99 takes a look at a culinary craze that is sweeping the nation. And finds it, frankly, pretty gross.

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