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Rasmussen shows Cornyn with a big lead

Along with their Presidential poll, Rasmussen has a result for June that shows Sen. John Cornyn with a 17-point lead over Rick Noriega. As they note, this is a huge swing from last month, where they had Cornyn up by four. It’s highly unlikely that so many people changed their minds over this short period of time, so most likely at least one of these polls is an outlier. Burka thinks it was the May result; I want to see what they get in July. I’m also hoping we see more than just Rasmussen and Baselice doing polls – SurveyUSA was on the scene in February but hasn’t given a result since then, and IVR Polls has been doing a variety of other Texas races. More data, so we can get some kind of aggregate picture, would be nice.

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One Comment

  1. Anon says:

    Truth is all the polls are swinging wildly at this point–no TV, no mail. It probably reflects the presidential race publicity as much as anything and is just too soon and too small a group at a time to tell…Rasmussen is weird on a good day.

    Having said that, Rick is a great candidate–he is military, pro-gun, a born-again Christian and a hard working, well educated, dedicated public servant. This race hasn’t really begun yet.