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Weekend link dump for January 2

Am I the only one that thinks “the year 2011” still sounds like science fiction and not reality?

I’m delighted to hear that Nancy Lieberman is back in basketball. I think she’d make a fine assistant coach in the NBA.

Nice to know there are still second chances in this life.

A tale of two Johns.

Via Roy, the 100 most beautiful words in English. Personally, I think of sentences, paragraphs, and so forth as being beautiful, not individual words. But your mileage may vary.

If you allow anyone to enter your Christmas lights contest, then you can’t complain about who won.

Global warming also means more extreme winters in some parts of the world.

Dealing with obesity wouldn’t be a partisan fight if it weren’t for the partisan who insist on making it one.

The public disapproving of Congress is a feature, not a bug.

From the “Austerity for thee, but not for me” department.

Cable news sucks. Film at 11.

This is what happens when you let a fox convince you to give him the contract to guard the henhouse.

Since it’s that time of the year, here’s one view of the worst commercials of 2010; here’s another if one such list isn’t enough for you. I have to agree with Kyrie, I think the “Weee!”-ing pig ad from Geico is more funny than annoying. But then I also loved the Pomplamoose Hyundai ads that all the cool kids hated, so take that for what it’s worth.

Stunt bartending as an Olympic sport? Well, I guess it isn’t any stranger than rhythmic gymnastics or synchronized swimming.

Both sides don’t do it the same way.

Along similar lines, “balance” shouldn’t be the top priority.

Even Alaskans don’t like Sarah Palin that much. Here’s one reason why that’s so.

From the Same As It Ever Was files.

It’s good to know that Jonah Goldberg is still always wrong.

It’s an unprecedented power grab, according to certain focus groups.

Who knew bankers were such whiners?

Not just them, but professional conservatives, too.

I didn’t know you could x-ray lightning, but it’s pretty darned cool.

Here are your 2010 Swampies winners and first runnersup. Congratulations!

And here are your favorite videos from the HMNS.

Oh, and let’s not forget your Golden Duke Award winners.

How to win at Monopoly. Numbers never lie.

Happy ninth blog anniversary to Gary Farber, who got started on this habit a day before I did.

Finally, as we bid an un-fond farewell to the first decade of this century, here are 19 reasons to be cheerful about the past ten years. I’m still hoping the next ten will be a lot better.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    My mother and I find ourselves saying “Weeee” at inopportune times, and I’ve gotten rather good at mimicking the tone of the retired DI in that other Geico ad: “Ya jackwagon!”