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More from the Sheriff

Matt Stiles, who did that interview with Sheriff Thomas, adds a little extra to the mix.

Thomas said his department will now launch internal affairs investigations of deputies’ conduct if defense attorneys raise questions. In the past, the office had required sworn statements to start inquiries, he said.

The sheriff also said his office is working on a new e-mail policy that will be manageable for his technology staff, but also comply with retention requirements of the Texas Public Information Act. He previously decided to delete e-mails after 14 days, prompting Wayne Dolcefino at KTRK (Channel 13) to fight him in court.

Can’t wait to see what that looks like, and how they explain how it will solve all the problems they once thought could only be alleviated by the 14-day purge. Stiles may ultimately post the interview as a podcast, which would be cool. Who knows what other pearls of wisdom we may get from our Sheriff?

Meanwhile, Rick Casey piles on:

The most important news in the interview (other than the fact that he granted it) came when he took “responsibility” for some of the mishaps. But politicians all over the country have been “taking responsibility” for problems, as though the term was a magical mantra that would calm the troubled waters and deflect any public anger.

Unfortunately, the public has become somewhat inured to that response. They especially reject it when the surrounding rhetoric suggests that the officeholder doesn’t really “take responsibility.”

For example, Thomas said, “Unfortunately, some things happened that I’m not happy about.”

That sounds like they were outside his control. But when those brothers complained about having their cameras confiscated, being roughed up, arrested, jailed and put on trial for taking pictures from their yard, he could have aggressively investigated the behavior of his deputies in the matter.

As far as I know, he still hasn’t admitted his boys messed up, much less taken action to try to change the culture of his department by disciplining them.

Well, yeah, there is that. Maybe that’s a subject for the next interview.

I’m told by a couple of different sources that Wayne Dolcefino has a story about the Sheriff prepped for tonight’s newscast. You know that wherever WayneDo goes, hijinks is sure to follow, so tune in and see what he has to say. Finally, the Harris County Democratic Party put out a statement in response to Thomas’ interview, which is here. I know it’s “pure politics” and all, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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