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The end of the quarter is upon us

Monday is the quarterly reporting deadline for campaign finances, and if you haven’t been buried under an avalanche of emails soliciting donations, you probably don’t follow politics that closely. If you are at all inclined to donate to a campaign, sometime before midnight tomorrow would be best. If you’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket and need someplace to send them, here are a few recommendations. This is nowhere close to a comprehensive list, just a couple of suggestions.

Rick NoriegaActBlue page. He’s approaching 10,000 online donors, and $900,000 raised via ActBlue, both mighty impressive numbers for a first-time statewide candidate in Texas. You can help move him past those milestones.

– Congressional candidates Michael Skelly (CD07), Larry Joe Doherty (CD10), or Eric Roberson (CD32).

– State Senate, a usually quiet arena for competitive campaigns, has a bounty this year with Wendy Davis in SD10, Joe Jaworski in SD11, and Rain Minns in SD16 (ActBlue page here). And that’s before we consider the possibility of the SD17 special election.

– There’s way too many good candidates to list in the State House. You can give to the TexBlog PAC (ActBlue page here) as a proxy, or browse ActBlue for a candidate near you, physically or issues-wise. If you believe in rewarding moxie, consider helping out the guy who’s running against Tom Craddick, Bill Dingus, whose brand new ActBlue page is here. I can’t say that’s on any list of truly competitive races, but you’ve got to admire the courage.

– And of course, your candidates for county offices, all of whom you can find here for Harris County.

Every little bit helps. Thanks very much.

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