Who’s got a treasurer?

Noel Freeman, in a note on his Facebook page takes a look at who has filed a proper treasurer appointment for a City Council race, and who has not. (He did a “who’s in so far” report in 2009, too.) You can’t raise or spend money on a Council campaign without doing this, and you must specify which Council seat you’re running for, else you are in violation. If you file for one seat and then later change to another for some reason – like, say, being redistricted out of the seat you wanted to run for – you have to file anew. Check it out.

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One Response to Who’s got a treasurer?

  1. Noel Freeman says:

    I should mention there appears to be conflicting information coming from TEC lawyers about how specific you have to be when listing the office. A candidate emailed me yesterday to say the TEC told him he didn’t have to be specific. I’m hoping to get a clarification nailed down today.

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