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Weekend link dump for July 19

Had a good time at Netroots Nation. Happy to be sleeping in my own bed again. Dumping links for your weekend amusement. Yes, I meant to do this yesterday.

Lawn zombies. I need to get one of them. Via the comments at The Bloggess.

Gmail to no longer auto-add contacts. I kinda liked it the old way. Via Dwight.

Ed Wade hates fire sales. So he may trade prospects for veterans, instead of the other way around. At least, he would if the Astros had any worth trading.

The tragedy of Jesse Jackson.

The Ten Worst Sports Logos. It’s scary how much that Islanders guy looks like the Gorton fisherman.

The spirit of ’78. I knew a lot of those events described happened that year, but it’s stunning to see it all laid out like that.

Hey, by this definition, I’m a vegetarian, too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go get a double bacon cheeseburger. (via)

You think the folks at SMU who pushed to get the George W. Bush Presidential Library there are feeling a wee bit embarrassed these days? If not, they should be.

The legacy of Mae Jackson.

Our President is so eloquent.

Running for office, xkcd-style.

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