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Weekend link dump for March 13

Happy spring break!

Are we not men? We are WINNING!

For it before he was against it, and now he’s just being dishonest about it.

Newt-mentum is in short supply.

“Being a hack means never having to admit that you were wrong.”

How to use math to fight spammers and hackers.

Ever wonder why you can’t dance? Wonder no more.

Debunking some myths about public education.

When old news is new news.

They only call it class warfare when the have-nots fight back.

The problem with using Facebook as a blog comment system.

Remember in the movie “Minority Report” how personalized ads followed Tom Cruise everywhere he went? We’re getting closer to that future.

Wanna meet astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Get out your pencil and start writing an essay.

Our annoying yuppie future.

The Republican war on voting continues apace.

How well do you know the geography of northern Africa/the Middle East/Central Asia? Go here and find out. Thanks to MeMo for the link.

Lift the stay!

Perhaps our robot overlords are more benign than we think.

A little Vogon poetry about baseball to brighten your day.

Cracking down on patent trolls is a no-brainer and long overdue.

Some terrorists are more terroristic-y than others.

The way to reduce traffic is to make it easier for those who don’t have to drive to not drive.

Doing well by doing good.

Why hospitals should be more like airlines.

What has PBS ever done for you?

Leave peanut butter alone!

Continuity isn’t everything.

How much do attitudes about science have to do with the way scientists talk about science?

The coolest thing about this is learning that Digby has a real, full name.

Blind spots and ideology.

Hit him where it hurts.

Can you hear them now, Rep. King?

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