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Lockout or no, it makes no difference to them

Must be nice for them.

An extended NFL lockout and the loss of a season for the Texans actually would result in a small financial gain for the governmental body that manages the Reliant Stadium complex, officials said Thursday.

The Harris County Sports & Convention Corp., an arm of the county that oversees the Reliant complex, would save the $30,000 it takes to install and remove the football playing field for each home game.


The [Harris County-Houston Sports Authority] is in a slightly different position.

The Texans paid their $4.01 million annual rent last month, executive director Janis Schmees said.

Under the authority’s funding agreement, as with the sports corporation, the Texans keep the revenues they generate during home games.

The authority did collect $3.76 million last year during Texans events from taxes on tickets, parking surcharges and a portion of the sales taxes charged on merchandise and other such items, but the funding agreement requires those revenues be rebated to the Texans.

“As I review the documents, I don’t think there’s an upside or a down, necessarily, to the Sports Authority,” Schmees said. “It’s neutral.”

Well, I’m glad this won’t put the Sports Authority any further into debt, which was something I had been worried about. Of course, while the Sports Authority itsemf may be all right, I doubt the same can be said for all the folks who work at Reliant Stadium during the season and at the games. Maybe for the next story we can ask some of them how the lockout is affecting their bottom lines.

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