KUHA debuts Monday

KTRU is now off the air, but 91.7 on your dial won’t be dead air for much longer. KUHA, the spawn of the KUHF takeover of 91.7, begins broadcasting Monday.

KUHA Classical programs will include The Front Row, Exploring Music, Metropolitan Opera, Performance Today and From the Top plus recordings from Houston cultural institutions such as the Houston Symphony and Houston Grand Opera.

KUHF News will offer programming from NPR, American Public Media, PRI and the BBC, in addition to local news, weather and traffic.

As I said at the beginning of this saga, having a real 24-hour news station in town is good. Sacrificing KTRU to get it, especially given the gallons of effluvia elsewhere on the dial, is not. But like it or not, it’s what we’ve got now.

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2 Responses to KUHA debuts Monday

  1. chasman says:

    as someone who has long been very critical of our local pubilc radio station’s programming (and don’t even get me started on the public tv station’s programming), i am anxious and hesitantly hopeful about what the new 24 news station will offer. i am hoping for something like a dynamic slate of programming worthy of the 4th largest city in the country. i spend a good chunk of time each year working in the 2nd largest city in the country and to say that their public radio offerings put ours to shame (in both quality, number of stations, and overall programming from each) is being far to kind. public media in houston via 88.7 and channel 8 has been embarrassing for way too long. i hope this change signals a bigger overall one.

  2. Gerald Davis says:

    I live in far West Houston. What signal I can recieve from KUHA is weak. Can pick it up on my car radio most of the time but my home radios, the signal is so weak. Just thought you might need to know about KUHA’s signal strength in far West Houston.

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