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Hopefully, the “sanctuary cities” bill will be the end of the anti-immigrant crap

The Statesman offers a little hope.

The controversial “sanctuary cities” bill received final passage in the Texas House on Tuesday and was on its way to the Senate, but most other immigration measures introduced in the House this session appear destined for the recycling bin.

The House has reached the point in the session where any bill that has been left pending in committee — like almost all 43 immigration-related bills that have been filed — will not meet the deadline to be scheduled for a floor debate. Although legislation can be revived until the end of the session May 30, it becomes more difficult with each passing day.


Aside from HB 12, the only other immigration bill that is expected to be debated calls for employers to check a potential employee’s immigration status through E-verify, an online verification program. But that bill carries no criminal penalties for not doing the check. Even opponents of efforts to restrict illegal immigration call the bill innocuous.

I sure hope that’s true, but as long as Leo Berman and Debbie Riddle are there to try to attach their vicious bills as amendments, and as long as the Republican caucus continues to vote in lockstep, then there’s no room to relax. I have confidence the Democrats will fight against these efforts, but their numbers mean they can only do so much. If anything happens, it’s on the Republicans.

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One Comment

  1. J. says:

    “Vicious bill?” “Anti-immigrant crap?” Is being anti-immigration the same thing as being anti-illegal- immigration? Does the United States have a right to exist as a sovereign nation with definable, and thus, defendable borders? Is seeking enforcement of federal law a “vicious” attack on those who cross the U. S. border illegally?