Our first campaign drama of 2011

I’m pretty sure we’d have had some sort of kerfuffle like this by now if we hadn’t had to redraw Council lines, which has pushed the timeline back a bit.

Lone Star Strategies has dropped City Council candidate Jenifer Rene Pool as a client in anticipation of working for another candidate in the race to succeed the termed-out Sue Lovell in at large seat #2.

Lone Star’s Matt Zeis won’t comment on whom the firm will be raising money for other than to say she is an existing client. Pool campaign manager Clay Sands said Zeis told him it’s Kristi Thibaut, who is listed on Lone Star’s Web site as a client and lost her re-election bid as state representative in 2010.

I like both Jenifer and Kristi, whose apparent candidacy for Council is news to me, so I’m sorry to see this happen. Be that as it may, I guess this is further evidence that Council doesn’t represent a “step down” from the Lege. We could have three former State Reps, on Council next year if Kristi Thibaut and Ellen Cohen join on Melissa Noriega there. Might make for an interesting dynamic if it happens.

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4 Responses to Our first campaign drama of 2011

  1. Ship Channel Liberal says:

    I would rather have a job that pays me a full-time salary than one that does not.

  2. Menra says:

    Where is the client loyalty with Lonestar Strategies. I could understand them dropping Poole for maybe a disagreement in ideology but I read the only reason they dumped Poole was because their “new client” is an old friend. So!

    Another legislator on City Council, that is the last thing that we need. They cannot get anything done in Austin so they bring nothing to City Council. But they get all that valuable work experience of arguing for 140 days out of 2 years.

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  4. Heidi Kirkpatrick says:

    Lone Star Strategies has worked with the Thibaut campaign since 2006 providing financial services. The Pool campaign never executed a contract with our firm, although one had been submitted, nor rendered any payment. When the conflict arose, we immediately notified the Poole campaign we were withdrawing.

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