Interview with Diane Trautman

I’ve been a fan of Diane Trautman since she ran for State Rep. in HD127 last time, where she significantly outperformed the rest of the Democratic slate in that red district. I’m thrilled that since she’s running countywide for the office of Harris County Tax Assessor I’ll be able to vote for her this time around. I hope she and the rest of the Democratic Party can build on the inroads she made in the far northeastern reaches of Harris County. She was the featured speaker when the Harris County Coordinated Campaign opened its Crosby office. I figure there wouldn’t be a Crosby office if it hadn’t been for Trautman’s voter outreach from 2006. Yeah, I’m a fan.

The interview is here. One minor correction, which the Trautman campaign emailed me after the interview to make: The Harris County Tax Assessor is a voting member of the HCAD board. That’s not the case in general – it’s not so in Galveston, for instance – but HCAD, at its discretion, has made the Harris County Tax Assessor a voting member of its board.


Vince Ryan, Harris County Attorney
Chris Bell, SD17
Loren Jackson, Harris County District Clerk
Brad Bradford, Harris County District Attorney
Diana Maldonado, HD52
Eric Roberson, CD32
State Rep. Juan Garcia, HD32
Ernie Casbeer, HD59
Joe Moody, HD78
Chris Turner, HD96
Robert Miklos, HD101
State Rep. Dan Barrett, HD97
Wendy Davis, SD10

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