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House punts on budget bills till tomorrow

After getting off to a slow start, budget negotiators realized they were going nowhere fast and put a merciful end to things for the day.

The House has punted to Thursday any floor consideration of the “non-tax revenue” bill and related bills needed to close out a deal on the two-year state budget.

Rep. Jim Pitts told members from the front microphone Wednesday afternoon that House-Senate budget negotiators are within sight of a budget deal.

“I want to be able to get an agreement before we take up” the non-tax revenue bill, said Pitts, the House’s lead negotiator. “We’re very, very close.”

Actually, depending on who you ask and when you ask them, the Lege is either “very close” to a deal or they’re “stuck”, amid “politics at its worst”, and there either will be a special session or there won’t. Got all that? Postcards and the Trib have more.

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