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Weekend link dump for June 26

Another year half over.

A semi-secret history of MAD Magazine. Which now has a blog, too.

It’s called “wingnut welfare” for a reason.

Where have all the Republican scientists gone?

Sadly, the Peanutweeter has fallen victim to a DMCA copyright complaint. Here’s an impassioned argument that it constituted fair use parody. I’ll say this much: It was way funnier than any of the later-year Peanuts strips that rerun in perpetuity on the daily pages of the Chronicle. (The Sunday funnies use older strips from its golden days, thank the stars.)

For those who like playing in the dirt but want bigger toys.

The Onion totally deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

I want to make “.kuff” an Internet top level domain. Anyone got $185K they can front me for this?

Here’s a nice interview with the late Clarence Clemons from 2009.

Sorry, but I don’t believe that trading nuclear power for burning coal represents a win for environmentalism.

Five predictions for the future of energy, not all of which are compatible with each other.

Government-run single-payer health care – also known as “Medicare” – is way more efficient at processing claims than private insurers.

Sock puppetry is always pathetic.

Great column about Roy White, one of the classiest and most underrated players to ever wear Yankee pinstripes.

Want more economic growth? Support more immigration.

Hey, Biden! Eat a sandwich, willya?

Anyone got a photo of Clarence Thomas’ junk lying around?

Good-bye and best wishes to Lucy Noland, the tallest anchorwoman I’ve ever met.

Sadly, the new Harry Potter website isn’t all that.

Let Georgia’s crops rot in the field. It may teach some politicians a lesson.

You have to love Marc Cuban.

How Republicans view the economy.

Without immigrant labor, the NBA wouldn’t be as good as it is. Same for MLB, of course.

Teabagger TV. I’ll be watching “Covert Affairs”, thanks.

Oh, and one more thing: RIP, Peter Falk. As usual, Mark Evanier has a story to tell.

A better way to be “pro-life”.

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  1. CW says:

    Harry Potter link doesn’t work

  2. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now. Thanks for the catch.