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City wins again on Rebuild Houston lawsuit

As you know, shortly after the Renew Houston proposition passed last fall, the usual suspects led by Paul Bettencourt filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the result on the grounds that they believed the voters were too stupid to know what they had just voted for. That lawsuit was dismissed on summary judgment in May. After Mayor Parker’s announcement in June that the city had underestimated what the fee would need to be for many households, the plaintiffs tried again, claiming that this admission vindicated their claims. The judge didn’t buy it.

Plaintiffs attorney Andy Taylor and City Attorney David Feldman squared off in front of [District Judge Buddie] Hahn this morning, and the judge immediately ruled in favor of the city.

Taylor said afterward he would consult with his clients to see if they want to appeal Hahn’s decision.

Feldman said that if they do, “They’re beating a dead horse. This is just wasting the taxpayers’ time and money.”

Cue the sad trombone. I hope this is the end of it, but with these guys I sure wouldn’t count on it.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    If iam not mistaken,this witch hunt is usually led by paul bettencourt and his “right”hand man,carrol robinson-hes currentlly running for hcc board member.i swear,these two must sit around and ponder the many diffrent ways they can attempt to micromanage the city of houston threw the manipulation of our court system.In my estimate,i would say its safe to say,that these two will return from whince they came, twidiling their thumbs and scratching their heads,pondering their next legal attack on a first term city administration.
    “thick as theives these two are”-paul bettencourt-carroll robinson,shame on you two for this harrasment youve levied against the voters of houston, shame on you.
    respectfully submitted joshua bullard

  2. paul kubosh says:

    Andy Taylor vs. Feldman. That has to be a very adversarial hearing. Lol. Did you know that while Andy was representing a.t.s. he secured a ruling from judge Hughes that we did not have standing to intervene as ballot organizers while at the same time representing the hotzes in the Texas supreme court arguing that ballot organizers do have standing. Conflict?

  3. Paul – Yes, I knew that. And I have to say, as someone who supported the cameras and dislikes Andy Taylor, I much prefer being on the opposite side of an issue as him. It just feels better that way.

  4. Jules says:

    The implementation of this is wrong. The software does not work. The property lines on my block are clearly off. It says shadows are impermeable.

    I was able to file a request for verification for my property because I have the survey from when I bought it in 2006 and I have a computer and internet access and I know how to use it. I’ll let you know how this turns out.

    The most vulnerable people in the city are going to be overcharged and Parker and City Council do not care.

  5. wow, look what happens when the city actually wants to win an election lawuit.

  6. Memorial Momma says:

    Mr. Kubosh – you continually level the worst type of accusations against the city attorney… thinking if you say it enough times eventually people will believe it to be true.

    Did you hear that the opponent of the red light cameras are out-of-town traffic ticket attorneys with their own financial interest?

    Did you hear that the opponent of the red light cameras are out-of-town traffic ticket attorneys with their own financial interest?

    Did you hear that the opponent of the red light cameras are out-of-town traffic ticket attorneys with their own financial interest?

    Please take off your tin-foil hat and contribute something valuable to OUR city’s debate.

  7. I would suggest that providing an avenue for the majority view of Houston’s voters to be heard at the ballot box was an extremely valuable contribution.

  8. paul kubosh says:

    Hey Momma, I spend 18 hours a day in the city of Houston. My family owns property in the city of Houston. I pay tax in the city of Houston. I eat (a whole lot) in the city of Houston. I live in the e.t.j. of Houston. The city of Houston is my home I rooted for the oilers, rockets, and astros. I even bought a baseball suite to support the team. I more Houston than most houstonians. I represent thousands of houstonians. The long and short of it is you lost. I have been looking all over the country trying to find another lawsuit that a.t.s. filed in federal court. So far I havnt found any. Feldman set himself up for criticisms with ever blunder he has made. If he isn’t unethical then he has grossly underestimated the peoples resolve on this issue. So you tell me is feldman unethical or just mistake prone?