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New Braunfels may delay new river regulations

Looks like the preliminary approval they gave to banning bottles and cans from the Comal River may be put off for awhile before implementation.

Grassroots opposition to a proposed prohibition on disposable containers on the Comal River has persuaded the law’s sponsor to consider delaying it while other methods of crowd and litter control can be considered.

A petition against the law has been circulating at river outfitters and convenience stores. And two Facebook pages that take the city to task have drawn thousands of fans.

Mayor Gale Pospisil, who pitched the ordinance, said Tuesday she wants to step back and discuss the issue.

When the council meets Monday, she’ll propose an amendment to delay implementation until January.

“We still want a vote and we still want the ban,” Pospisil said. “But I’ve heard from a lot of people in the tourism industry who say that to try to enforce it, without advance notice, would be difficult.”

She’ll also suggest creation of an ad hoc committee, consisting of tourism officials, river outfitters, city officials and other interested parties, to draft crowd management plans before next summer.

When in doubt, form a committee and study the issue. Opponents of the ban were happy with the delay, so perhaps something they can all live with will be found. In the meantime, you don’t have to look for alternate beverage transportation just yet.

UPDATE: The Statesman has a story about this today as well.

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