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Interview with Phillip Paul Bryant

Phillip Paul Bryant

Next up in District B is Philip Paul Bryant, whose bio lists him as a Community Organizer, Television Talk show Host, and Businessman, among other things. Bryant is the son of Bishop Prince Earl Williams Bryant, Sr., who is the pastor of the Island of Hope Church of God in Christ, and has served in his father’s ministries. Here’s what we discussed:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    Mr phillip paul bryant presents to the media what has been unfore-seen in many years in district b,the honest approach.Its not everyday you get direct honest answers from a canidate,yet for district b its refreshing and long over due.This canidate appears to offer a new vision and fresh perspective,infusing badly needed new ideas to a district that the out going council memeber jarvis johnson neglected for whatever reasons.Its easy to see that this canidate is on a mission to improve his district that he has served for so many years and i think hes right when he says hell be elected on nov 8th,the people of distict b are more than ready for new direction.respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. Teresa Blair says:

    Excellent interview cousin Phil! This is a solid example of the partnership of Christianity and social action by engaging with communities, their needs and giving residents a voice in their self-determination and community empowerment. You are embodying the true meaning of the gospel activated into real life transformation. God bless you and your campaign!!!!

  3. Kenny Browne says:

    Great interview. Makes me know that you have the community well being at heart. The knid of person we need in this office. God Bless

  4. Teresa Blair says:

    Yes, people need to know how policy decisions impact the quality of their lives and how individual actions of community residents impact how policy decision get made as well. Behavior can sometimes be modified and engineered towards positive change once people have been informed and educated about the benefits of that change. People are indeed intelligent as you cited and it does set a bad precedent when leaders have to manipulate language or issues to carry out their hidden agendas. Once people understand what policy-making is and how it works, people will be empowered to support and make the necessary changes that will affect their communities and their lives. They become a part of the decision-making process and how it gets implemented! I loved this interview and hope that it will inspire and encourage others in their respective communities. I recommend in a classroom setting for discussion….or a community meeting.

  5. CiCi says:

    On point, Phillip! Keep your dedication and hard work. Keep being an inspiration to us all in Houston!!!!

  6. Felecia Atkinson says:

    A great interview, from what appears to be genuine concerns for the people in District B as well as the other communities!

  7. JBrooks says:

    With a focus on increased safety for the districts residents, combined with progressive ideas both economically and religiously for businesses and churches, Phillip Paul Bryant is putting his convictions and priorities in the right place for the citizens of District B.

  8. Renee says:

    Well Said….Perfect diction. Action in the community is the key. PLEASE stay focused and keep up the great work.

  9. Kim jackson says:

    Good interview. Way to go getting the church involved in community affairs. You have community issues at heart, which is really needed.

  10. Kimberley Bell says:

    Truly an amazing example of leadership in our community. Great ideas to help the city move forward in a positive way in “every” neighborhood. Focusing on keeping our neighborhoods and small businesses safe is a definite positive for prosperity and growth. Loved the insightful visions on education!!

  11. Kim Tubman says:

    we need more people like you Phillip! Keep it up Mr Bryant, you have my support.


    “Phillip B for District B”

  12. Chelanda Smith says:

    I can appreciate the ginuine high points and concerns for the community! There were several legitimate issues brought to light that need high priority attention. This should be circulated and played over and over for the targeted area to be made aware of in depth. The quality of life as mentioned earlier is exetremely important so hopefully this interview captures the masses. I pray that it does!

  13. Ashleigh Gardner says:

    Great interview! I like your approach to the issues plaguing District B. You present them as requiring the dedication (of time and resources) of legislators as well as constituents in order to come to viable solutions. It’s great to see someone who understands that neither side is completely to blame for the status quo and likewise one side can only be so effective in finding a solution without the support of the other.

    Good luck! You definitely have my support!

  14. Desrie says:

    Awesome!! It’s quite refreshing to hear a candidate speak clearly and stand firmly on his position. It seemed quite effortless because Phillip Paul Bryant’s position is now, and has been formed by the necessity and concern of his constituents. There are no hidden agendas. Safety, prioritizing spending, creating more sources of revenue, disbursing funding equally, promoting growth in the private sector, increasing property values and engaging our community (to name a few) are all positions on which the community can get on board.

    Blessings Mr. Bryant!!

  15. Donald Murphy Guillory says:

    Good luck I think that you will be in a runoff its my prediction and it looks like you have the knowledge the attitude and the people behind you to make it to the runoff! Early vote is the mean line you must master early vote! Get ahead on early vote and you there! Also have your poll judges breakfast no more than 7 days before early vote and you should already know why I say 7 days Ha Ha your opponents will never know what hit them!

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