Interview with Alvin Byrd

Alvin Byrd

District B candidate Alvin Byrd is the Constituent Services Director for current Council Member Jarvis Johnson. He is a Navy veteran who has worked at numerous community organizations and was the first president of the Greater Fifth Ward Superneighborhood Council. Here’s what we talked about:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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3 Responses to Interview with Alvin Byrd

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I have noticed over the last five months in the few times I myself have spoken with canidate byrd he somehow ends up landing on his feet after each conversation.I myself having attended high school in this district in 1991-92 at h.p.carter,i have noticed a number of changes as well,with canidate byrd i thinks its clear he has probably known for a number of years that he would run for this office and has established many relationships with community leaders as well as the bussiness community.associated with council member jarvis johnson or not-canidate alvin byrd will make this district b race competitive.respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. From my perspective and a large group of associates Alvin would do a great job in district B. He`s from the district and no one knows it like him. He`s been active in the community before this election so that`s a plus going into this election.

  3. Tom Miller says:

    Hello Voters in District B,

    I am writing to support Alvin Byrd even though our neighborhood is no longer in District B.
    Also, I am a property owner in Houston and actually live out of State. So I have nothing to gain to support Alvin Byrd, but I am writing to share that I have seen first-hand the leadership of Alvin Byrd in our neighborhood.
    Mr. Byrd started working with our neighborhood, the Antoine corridor/De Soto area in 2006 when crime was so bad that the home owners (Inwood Forrest) were afraid to leave their homes. The apartments in the area were deterioating and becoming crime ridden. (Hundreds of Hurricane Katrina folks were placed in vacant neighborhood apartments).
    (De Soto was called the most dangerous street in Houston by Channel 26, Houston Chronicle ect. …in one stretch of 2007 there was a murder a month for 4 months).
    Mr. Byrd showed up at numerous community meetings to encourage us as well as to help us get City of Houston resources tp help address our crime and blight issues.
    Alvin showed “true leadership” ….he kept showing up at our meetings to help us stay committed and focused…and above all, he encouraged our community group to take action , and futher he worked hard to secure City of Houston resources.
    Alvin helped us to create a coalition that included apartment owners, home owners, business leaders, the Near Northwest Management District, Churches, HPD and the City of Houston to fight the blight and crime in our area.
    Today, drive down Holly View Drive , and around De Soto to see the transformation that is occurring…the transformation is unbelievable… two blighted properties are demolished (the Candlelight Trails, and the Gables), and major renovation underway of 1200 apartment units due to a $40,000,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).
    Many Houston leaders have helped….but in the beginning it was Alvin Byrd that kept showing up time and time again to offer his leadership and support. This true and real leadership.
    Alvin would make a great Council Member for Houston…please vote for him.
    Had Alvin not been there for us in our “Dark Days”, our complete community would be boarded up and completely blighted. He understood what we needed to do and his early and continued support was critical to our neighborhood revitalization.
    I highly recommend you vote for Alvin. He is honest, dedicated, committed to excellence, and understands how to get people to work together to accomplish community goals.
    Tom Miller
    Owner, Hollyview Apartments
    Community Activist

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