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Another overview of the candidates

The Chron has another overview of the lineup for City Council and Mayor. This time, as far as I can tell, the slate they provide matches exactly the candidates listed on the City Secretary’s page. It also has a bit more information about some of the candidates, noting who has held or run for office before, which in turn leads to one of the weirdest quotes I’ve seen in a story like this:

Michael “Griff” Griffin boasts the longest record of futility in what is now his 10th run at City Council. He also seeks the At-Large 2 seat, telling people, “This is the last chance you get to vote for Griff.”

So does that mean he won’t make an 11th attempt to run for office in 2013? Why stop now after all this time?

In related news, the ballot has been determined by the random drawings of a couple of local media folks. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Given that ballot order can be a determining factor in low profile races, it is utterly ludicrous that we still allow a random drawing to have that kind of effect in our elections. Nowadays we vote on computer terminals that are (or at least should be) perfectly capable of randomizing the order for each individual voter. We should insist on that being the norm in our elections and get rid of this cheesy, outdated ritual once and for all.

Anyway. I will be running the last of the interviews with Council candidates over the next three weeks – At Large #2 this week, challengers in At Large #1 and #4 next week, and At Large #5 the week after that. In October I’ll have the Mayor, the City Controller, and candidates from the HISD and HCC Trustee races. Then I get to catch my breath before the 2012 primary season begins. Enjoy the ride and get ready to vote.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    In rare form-I disagree with charles kuffner-the explanation-elections are not to be “solely”based on mundain line-the staright and narrow-this is the way it is kid-like it or leave it-the old sit down and shut up politics of the 1980’s.What alot of people tend to forget is that there are several components to a race-one is an “entertainment component”the drawings are fun-and letting the weight of the world determine whos first on the ballot provides that level of entertainment that gets people to the polls.