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City may ban smoking in parks

Um, yeah.

Mayor Annise Parker said she is considering banning smoking in the city’s 380 parks because of the fire dangers presented by discarded cigarettes.

“This drought is a crisis situation,” Parker said.  ”I am leaning toward a ban on smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars –  a ban on smoking in city parks.  But what I want first is Houstonians to understand why we need to do it and if at all possible to create that voluntary compliance.”

Parker has already reacted to the record drought with other measures. Last month she restricted lawn watering. Last week she issued a ban on open flames in city parks, outlawing barbecuing on thousands of acres of public land.

Parker said a recent fire at Levy Park on Bellaire Boulevard was likely caused by a lit cigarette discarded on a mulch pile.

Not to mention that massive fire in George Bush Park, which was thankfully contained fairly quickly and didn’t damage any county property. And of course the danger of an urban wildfire, too. The question is not whether we should do this, it’s why we don’t already ban smoking in the parks. Time for another update to the anti-smoking ordinance, methinks. Hair Balls has more.

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One Comment

  1. dmcnuggets says:

    Le sigh Mr. Kuffner, whining again that we whippersnappers still have a minute few places left to smoke, though you more than likely hold at least a few habits that I view as distasteful. (though in fairness, at least I’m not so selfish in wanting whatever ‘disgusting habit(s)’ you may like to do banned, unlike hypocritical anti-smokers) Regardless of all the numerous and constant lies the anti-smoking lobby has deceived the public into thinking, the truth is that NEITHER indoor nor outdoor SHS exposure has EVER in history been proven to cause any harm to any non-smokers(and this includes studies that the hypocritical American Cancer Society, World Health Organization, etc. have chosen to hide from the public), so get over it that you may pass a small number of smokers and be exposed to smoke for no more than a few seconds when you stroll through an outdoor area of a park. (however, I’ll admit I am considerate not to smoke around a playground area, and I don’t mind if smoking is banned right around playgrounds, but it doesn’t need to be EVERY single inch of a park’s outdoor, open areas)

    Let me know when you(and other anti groups, like Smoke-Free Texas) want to lobby the Texas legislature to ban the sale of all form of tobacco products. Only then, will I start to have respect for you….