Chron overview of District B

As it is now endorsement season, it is now also Candidate Overview Story season for the Chron, and they kick it off with a look at the multi-candidate race for the open seat in District B. It’s the standard type of story they do for these races, with each candidate getting two or three paragraphs and a quote. What was interesting about this particular story was that they included a candidate who isn’t actually running in District B. I’m referring to Brad Batteau, who is running for At Large #3 according to both the City Secretary candidate page and the Chron’s own report about drawing for ballot order. I wonder if he’ll reappear when they do the At Large #3 story.

In any event, I spoke to five of the eight candidates in this race:

Phillip Bryant
Alvin Byrd
Katherine Daniels
Jerry Davis
Bryan Smart

I see this race as being fairly wide open, and the fact that many endorsing organizations have so far deferred on making a recommendation in B suggests that I’m not the only one. Perhaps the 30 day finance reports will tell us more. What are your impressions of this race?

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3 Responses to Chron overview of District B

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    When ever theres a canidate that introduces new energy-new vision,and a fresh perspective platform to a district that so badly needs the direction in redevelopment and more to the point- job creation,clearly this canidate is phillip paul bryant and heres why.
    Ive spent the last 4 months not only eyeing the canidates of district B but monitoring the general emotions of the people that live in district b-when i watched the lwn debate video it is clear that phillip bryant comes away the victor in the debate.canidate phillip bryant is backed by so many voters in district b that are tired of the same old same politics at city hall that he is the only canidate that was placed on the ballot by residence signature demand or known as “signatures in lieu of filing fee”the only canidate where the people demanded his name on the ballot with out cost-these are signatures of registered voters in the district B,here is my poll stats released on district b per the outcome of the votes a-alvin byrd=11 percent b-bryan smart=3 percent c-james joseph=3 percent
    d-jerry davis=7 percent e-kenneth perkins=4 percent f-charles ingram=4 percent
    g-katherine daniels=16 percent h-phillip bryant=52 percent

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

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