Endorsement watch: Laster and Green

Today is a twofer as the Chron finishes its endorsements in the district races with recommendations for the two new seats. In District J, they pick Mike Laster:

District J’s inaugural City Council race has drawn three capable candidates from whom voters can choose. Among the three, we favor 18-year resident, attorney and community activist Mike Laster for the new seat at City Hall.

Laster, a University of Texas and University of Houston Law Center graduate, has poured himself out in service to his community for two decades. Among other things, the former senior assistant city attorney has served as president of the Sharpstown Civic Association, and as a board member and former chair of the Sharpstown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, which has landed the area an estimated $90 million in infrastructure development.


Laster views District J as a distinctive “community of opportunity” and predicts that much of the future economic opportunity for Houston “will come through this corridor.”

We agree. That opportunity, when it comes, will be best assisted by his able representation in city government. We recommend a vote for Mike Laster to voters in the new District J.

Laster is unquestionably a good candidate, and his two opponents are also quite capable. As this district was ostensibly created as a Latino opportunity district, I have a feeling that both this endorsement and if it happens Laster’s election will upset some folks who might have had different expectations. Stace articulates this better than I can. In any event, you can listen to my interview with Mike Laster here.

Moving on to District K, the Chron makes the easy and obvious choise of Larry Green.

Green is the right candidate for the job. He believes that District K desperately needs economic development, and he suggests a slew of best-practices models for neighborhoods that sorely need jobs, grocery stores and management districts.


In the race against two opponents, Green has sewn up practically every significant endorsement to date. The other candidates suggest that he did so chiefly by entering the race earlier than they did. We don’t think that’s the only reason.

And in fact, we like it that he got to work as soon as possible. District K needs a representative able to set goals and work toward them without delay. Larry Green would be that kind of councilmember.

I completely agree with those last two paragraphs. Two things to add to that: One, Green has had an opponent since June, and pretty much every endorsement that I’m aware of has been made since then. In other words, the claim that he got all those endorsements by default is incorrect on its face. Two, even a passing familiarity with the candidate process should make one aware of when screenings are done. If you chose for whatever the reason to not get involved in time to partake in them, I say you have no grounds for complaint about it after the fact. You can listen to my interview with Larry Green here.

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2 Responses to Endorsement watch: Laster and Green

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    This is a red alert-i swear this is true and fact-i spoke with larry greens opponent on the phone in a detailed interview-wow-i was scared out of my mind,i swear this guy who ever he is, is on some major drugs-period,so much so i am so afraid for the voters in district k if this guy gets elected-iam being straight forward with the voters of district k when i say that the right choice for this district is canidate larry green,no doubt in it.

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

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