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Weekend link dump for November 6

Have you voted yet?

Well, nobody truly understands the Scots, anyway.

I want to see these punctuation marks on my next keyboard. And I want Victor Borge to come up with sounds for them.

The making of the Statue of Liberty.

Where were these idiots when Texas was setting records for 100 degree days?

Tebowing Tebow. Something tells me we’ll see that again.

The odds that you will get this question wrong are quite high.

Honoring Al Jaffee, who richly deserves it.

Michelle Obama Derangement Syndrome may be stronger than regular Obama Derangement Syndrome.

There are many things that lasted longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage. And here are a few things that don’t last as long has her marriage did.

Spider-bot, Spider-bot, does whatever a Spider-bot does.

What’s $100 million among friends anyway?

I tend to think of Herman Cain as a performance artist, but this explanation makes more sense.

Your tax dollars at work. Not what you were expecting, was it?

“Do not get your investment advice from television commercials. For that matter, do not get your investment advice from conservative pundits, either. Neither makes money because they have your best interests in mind.”

Trinity’s “Mississippi Miracle” gets a behind the scenes look. Awesome.

Maybe some day all players will be identified by social media handles instead of names on their jerseys.

Our long national nip slip is finally over.

Getting rid of DADT was just a start. Getting rid of DOMA has to be next.

Some Halloween facts to remember for next year.

Yeah, I can’t imagine killing off Ron Weasley, either.

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